Understanding Google’s “Mobilegeddon” Search Changes

by | April 21st, 2015

Today is the day Google is launching its latest search engine algorithm, essentially changing how search engine rankings are displayed, based on their mobile compatibility. This affects anyone with a website, but the search results are only modified when displayed on a mobile smartphone. And while terms like “mobilegeddon” make it sound like this is the end of the world, we have good news: there is still time to make changes to your site and remove any penalities. Here are the steps to take.

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Book Review: Understanding Context

by | March 30th, 2015

Writing a book on the idea of context is a pretty tall order, when you stop to consider how much that actually encompasses. Thinking of context as “everything, yet something,” highlights the somewhat vague nature of the topic. Many elements of context have been studied across various fields of science over recent decades. By borrowing concepts and language from these different disciplines, the keys to understanding current contexts and designing new ones become more clear.

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