Redesign for Modern Website Browsing

by | November 2nd, 2015

Long time client Conatus Pharmaceuticals is a San Diego-based biotech firm. In 2015, they visited PINT headquarters to discuss redesigning their site. Their current site was designed in 2005 with small iterations between now and then. However, big changes were afoot:

  • Updates at the company
  • Advancements in their pipeline
  • Future plans for programs

All this growth meant the Conatus team’s content, branding, and desired imagery were ready for an overhaul. Read on to see some innovative ways the website redesign not only revamped the content, but updated the entire site for modern browsing techniques.

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BioQuiddity Website Redesign Yields BioQ Pharma

by | October 27th, 2015

BioQuiddity is a San Francisco-based, late stage specialty pharmaceutical company. They came to PINT, Inc. to work on a redesign that included some major updates, including a new name: BioQ Pharma. PINT helped the BioQ  Pharma team redesign their site to showcase their unique products: unit-dose systems for a specialized portfolio of infusible pharmaceuticals.

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