PINT is one of San Diego's first web technology companies

PINT is a leader in the web industry with 20 years of experience in web design, software development and consulting.

PINT's principals are also the founders of ZingChart and Port80 Software

PINT is a leader in the web industry with 20 years of web design, software development and consulting experience. PINT builds sites and applications for leading regional, national and global organizations and its principals are founders of software companies, university lecturers and accomplished authors in the field of web and software development.

PINT's Culture

PINT melds technical growth, professional mentorship and business needs to create a workspace in which creative web veterans and motivated newcomers are equally challenged by new ideas. Each new team member's first few months are a crash course in advanced web development and software engineering principles that is well-worth the effort. You'll spend your time wondering if you got in over your head and if this whole web thing is really for you...then you'll get it and start shipping great stuff alongside your proud associates.

Our culture is casual and hard-working, with team members keen on collaboration and excited to broaden their skills and knowledge. Our environment is open and communicative, but we respect the headphones. We're located by the beach for a reason: we're partial to BBQs on our sunny rooftop and classic arcade games inside on the 3 days a year that we have rain.

You spend 23.8% percent of your week at the office...we believe everyone should enjoy the place in which they work, and we strive to make that a reality.

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