Preparing for a Website Redesign

Website redesign projects can be daunting. We've put together some simple guidelines to help you get organized and feel prepared for the undertaking.

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In this whitepaper, we've outlined key areas of concern to help clarify your website needs, so that you can reach out to vendors with a clear strategy in mind. Being organized from the beginning can significantly speed up the timeline, reduce costs, and improve the end result of your project.

Don't know the answers to all the questions detailed in the whitepaper? No problem – having an idea of what you do and don't know is a great place to start. The right vendor will help you weigh the benefits and risks of any key decisions along the way.

Topics we cover...

Getting Organized

  • Getting aligned internally
  • Identifying your target market
  • Collect your design assets
  • Benchmarking site usage and performance

Establishing Project Expectations

  • Budgets – How much should I ask for?
  • What's a reasonable timeline?

Finding the Right Partner

  • Before you reach out
  • Deciding on a vendor

Plus: The Project Needs Questionnaire

This whitepaper also includes our Project Needs Questionnaire – a tool we've developed with some of our favorite questions for new clients. Reviewing this list of questions before you start your project, either individually or with a group of stakeholders, can help solidify your needs in a website. It covers everything from content, to integrations, to hosting and devops questions.

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