ZingChart JavaScript Charts

ZingChart is a JavaScript charting library architected by PINT. It provides software developers and designers with a robust tool for quickly creating stunning interactive charts, maps, and data visualizations. ZingChart emerged when PINT began developing a deep web analytics system in need of some standard charting features. Unfortunately, the state of the art Flash and <canvas> based graphing systems kept buckling under the volume of data provided and lacked the required flexibility. As a result, the Zingchart project was born in 2008 and officially released about one year later.

JavaScript Chart Types

Select from 100+ chart types, geographical maps, and ZingChart data visualization modules: all the right tools for presenting your end users’ data.

Custom Chart Design

There is no reason for your charts to look like everyone else’s, either. Take granular control of every chart aspect and customize the look and feel so they match your application.

JS Charts Developers Love

ZingChart can render massive data sets quickly in HTML5 Canvas, SVG, VML or as an image. It works across a wide range of browsers and devices. The flexible data handling makes development easier. Plus, it includes websockets and other options for live data.

Learn More

Give your users the ability to truly explore their data. Try ZingChart in your application today with a free, unlimited trial. To learn more about ZingChart and how it can be used in your big data and data visualization projects, visit http://www.zingchart.com.

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