PINT is a digital agency and one of San Diego's first web development firms.

"Website development company" is a bit of an understatement.

We are a web-savvy team with a passion for problem-solving and building great user experiences. And we've been doing it since the 90's. We're a bunch of web geeks and internet old-timers who've seen a few things and invented some, too. We're not just a web development firm.

What this means for you:

Big-Picture Solutions

We know the web inside and out. From web architecture to security and performance.

JavaScript Wizardry

Our JavaScript experts find the best ways for your site to be awesome and stable.

Code Masters

We craft our code (HTML5, node.js & more) to build faster and more efficient websites.

Details Are a Big Deal

We care about the details of your website, including security, performance and usability.

An Obsession with Quality

We don't build sites on a hunch: we use data and user design principles to drive our decisions.

Insatiable Creativity

When it comes to the web, we are always absorbing new ideas to present to you.

Why do good web experiences matter?

Good web experiences are invisible, but vital to your company's professional reputation as your website reflects your company personality. When your site loads fast and works well, visitors stay and become customers which boosts profits.

We know why good web experiences matter. We know how to build them. We're the digital agency that has literally written the book on web development!

'The Complete Reference: Web Design' book

Our Team

The Web isn't just work to us, it's our home and our playground.

Thomas Powell

PINT Founder & President

PINT's founder and President, Thomas Powell, is a long time Internet and web industry veteran. After an early stint at CERFnet in the early 1990s, he founded Powell Internet Consulting (later renamed PINT) in 1994. Beyond his involvement at PINT Thomas is well known in the academic community both regionally and internationally. He founded the UCSD Extension Web Publishing program in the late 1990s and continues to teach classes in Web development and design there. He is also an instructor for the UCSD Computer Science Department where he teaches classes in Web design theory, Web Programming and the theory of programming languages.

Thomas is published and his work has appeared in magazines such as Network World, and online sites such as ZDNet. He is also a member of the prestigious Network World Test Alliance. He has published numerous books on Web technology and design including the best-selling Web Design: The Complete Reference, HTML: The Complete Reference, JavaScript: The Complete Reference, and the highly influential Web Site Engineering. His books have been translated into over 12 languages and are used around the world both in industry and college settings.

Rob McFarlane

Creative Director / Partner

Rob McFarlane oversees all aspects of the Web design process for PINT clients, including site design, user interface, and multimedia integration. He received an AA in Multimedia Design from Platt College 1996 and currently resides on the school's board of advisors. Rob joined our team in 1996. His experience encompasses logo design, technical illustration, and advertising design, which have appeared in several national publications. His work has also accompanied articles by Thomas Powell in several magazines. Rob also created technical illustrations for PINT book projects such as Web Design: The Complete Reference, JavaScript: The Complete Reference, HTML: The Complete Reference, and Website Engineering: Beyond Web Page Design.

Jimmy Tam

Technical Director / Partner

Jimmy Tam combines his technical and creative abilities to push the envelope of website design. Jimmy joined our team in 1995. He was a consultant for the San Diego SuperComputer Center from 1993 to 1996. At SDSC, he was involved with CGI programming in Perl, technical support, and web client/server technology. Prior to joining PINT, Jimmy was involved with many large-scale web development projects, including the Air Quality Management District Project in Los Angeles and the San Diego Bay Project. Jimmy holds a B.S. in Applied Mechanics and Engineering Sciences from UCSD.

Charlie Scala

Account Executive

Charlie works with prospective and current PINT clients to closely understand their digital needs and initiate a wide range of web engagements to help their businesses grow. He has six years of experience consulting on internet marketing projects. Charlie holds a Bachelor of Science from Babson College with concentrations in Entrepreneurship and Marketing.

Esther Nguyen

Technical Project Manager

Esther is a PMP-certified project manager who brings over 6 years of project management experience to PINT. She has a demonstrated history of working in the information technology industry and delivering complex, enterprise-wide projects from planning through execution and completion. She is particularly interested in providing results-oriented process improvements to her organizations. Prior to joining PINT, Esther was an IT project manager, driving a range of IT projects from system upgrades to software products. Esther earned her B.A. from UCSD.

30 People (AKA Employees)

Steffani Bolhofner


Steffani has been working in the field of online marketing and web development for over six years. She has worked with non-profits, small businesses, and larger firms in a variety of industries including finance, education, B2C, and more. Steffani has a BS in Mass Communications with focuses in Public Relations and Advertising.

Chris Barclay

Project Manager

Chris is a Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) who excels at overseeing every phase of the product life cycle. He brings 4+ years of web project management, technical implementation, and account support to the PINT team, ensuring client and project success. Having transitioned from writing code to managing developers, Chris excels at translating business needs into technical requirements and ensures great communication between PINT’s clients and PINT’s teams. Chris received his Bachelor's Degree from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD).

With 25 Years of Web Excellence

Sarah Hibner

Designer & Creative Strategist

Sarah Hibner is a multi-disciplinary designer, strategist and educator who develops and cultivates multimedia brand ecosystems by bridging strategic thinking and visual communication. Along with her client responsibilities at PINT, Sarah is the Creative Director of PINT's software brand ZingSoft and its subsidiary brands, ZingChart and ZingGrid. Prior to joining PINT, Sarah spent 9 years on various marketing and design teams, growing over 35 brands to maturity as a Designer, Art Director, Creative Director and Junior Partner. She also served as an Adjunct Professor for Graphic Design studio courses in the Visual Communication program at The Design School at Arizona State University, where she formerly graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Visual Communication.

Mark Miraglia

Operations, Human Resources, and Recruiting

Mark Miraglia oversees recruiting, human resources management, and general operations for PINT. He provides organizational leadership and people development oversight, and often serves as a point-of-contact for prospective team members, vendor partners, and customers. Mark came to PINT from a real estate analyst role, and has over a decade of experience in human resources and small business management in auto services, real estate, and retail operations. Mark earned a Bachelor's Degree in Literatures from the University of California, San Diego.

Are you excited by JavaScript libraries? Do you sleep, eat, and breathe the Web?

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By writing books, building awesome products, and setting industry standards, PINT has earned a highly respected reputation for our technical consulting and web development services. This is reflected through our diverse and extensive client base. Our continued success and growth offers a career, not just a job.

We invite you to explore our digital agency openings and to be part of our outstanding, creative team.

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